The Hyundai SUV Lineup Continues to Grow

What makes an excellent SUV? It's gotta have some space inside, even if it's a compact crossover. It should also be incredibly safe to drive, especially with your family in tow during your travels around Manassas and northern Virginia. There are probably all sorts of qualities you'll want in your next SUV, and when you visit our Hyundai dealership, you'll be amazed by the number of smart options we have, including some that have only recently joined our lineup. For everything from the unique and versatile new Hyundai Kona, to the recently released Palisade, visit our dealer in Manassas today to learn more about our SUV and crossover lineup.



The stars of the new Hyundai SUV have remained the same for years now, in name, if not by style and general design. The new Hyundai Santa Fe recently underwent a change in its offerings, becoming the flagship five-seater of our lineup, with the Santa Fe XL providing more space through an added row of seating and more cargo room. And as always, the reliable and trustworthy new Hyundai Tucson remains a subtly smart choice for your everyday travels in a well-equipped and capable small SUV.

As for the newcomers, the Kona and Palisade really show drivers from all over Manassas and throughout northern Virginia how Hyundai matches up with other brands. SUVs are obviously becoming the rides of choice these days, especially with smartly versatile options like the Kona and Tucson available, helping drivers handle both their commutes and their family travels with ease. Hyundai uses its innovative technology, smart design work and its legendarily strong warranty package to make its SUV lineup one you won't want to miss here in the Manassas area.

For a great SUV, start your search here at Brown's Manassas Hyundai by visiting us today, and we'll find you the perfect choice.

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