With two popular, budget-minded Asian carmakers offering similarly designed and styled three-row SUVs, you'll be left wondering: Should I buy or lease the new Hyundai Palisade or the Kia Telluride? We're a Hyundai dealership here in Manassas, VA, so our answer will be obvious. But we have lots to back up our preference for the new Palisade, so read on below after clicking play on this video, then visit our Hyundai dealership serving northern Virginia to try out this three-row SUV for yourself.

While both SUVs boast similar dimensions inside and powertrains that don't really separate themselves from one another, there are lots of small differences that make the Palisade a better option than the Telluride. You'll have a ridiculous amount of cupholders in the Palisade, and enough USB ports throughout the cabin for every passenger to plug in with their own device. And the Palisade has power rear seats available, making them easier to adjust and fold down compared to the manually adjusted seats in the Telluride.

A slightly hidden advantage for the Palisade is its top trims can be outfitted with the standard FWD drivetrain, compared to the Telluride that necessitates costlier AWD in its top levels. Keeping FWD with your Palisade when you may not necessarily need it will save you money and earn you better fuel economy during your travels around Manassas and northern Virginia, though you can certainly add AWD if you want better traction and control during the occasional winter storms we experience in this region.

Head over to Brown's Manassas Hyundai today to see if the new Palisade is the right fit for your next three-row SUV.

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