Find a Hybrid or EV at Our Manassas, VA Hyundai Dealer

For all our most popular new Hyundai models here in Manassas, there are some other options that might fit your style if you're looking to go green and clean for your travels around northern Virginia and beyond. A sedan like the new Sonata Hybrid is a great choice if you want something pretty traditional in its setup, but with a cleaner and more efficient drive than the gas-powered alternative.



Joining the Sonata Hybrid for our eco-friendly options are the Kona EV, the Ioniq Hybrid and the NEXO, a hydrogen fuel-cell-powered SUV. These alternative powertrains give you the peace of mind knowing your commutes and daily travels around Manassas and northern Virginia, as well as more affordable driving compared to what you'll pay for gas.

On top of the clean driving, these eco-friendly new Hyundai models remain true to the brand's dedication toward design and technology. You'll never be lacking for a full complement of safety aids and infotainment features, all working in perfect harmony to keep you out of harm's way and to help you stay connected from the road.

Find a green, clean and sensible hybrid or EV here at Brown's Manassas Hyundai by coming over today, and we'll match you up with the right setup based on your style and needs.

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